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1860. While Italy was striving for the unification, at the Caffè dell’Amicizia in Novara, a town in northern Italy, a bartender conceived a groundbreaking liqueur: Gaspare Campari’s Bitter all’uso d’Hollanda, simply known as Bitter Campari.
In less than 60 years, the liqueur would become worldwide famous.

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In 1904, Campari established its first factory in Sesto San Giovanni (in the suburb of Milan), while in 1915 the legendary café Camparino opened its doors in Piazza Duomo in Milan. In the following years, the company gained popularity, also thanks to its famous commercials and advertisements.

1995 marked a turning point for Campari with the acquisition of Crodino, followed by Cinzano (1999), Aperol (2003), Glen Grant (2006), Averna (2014) and Grand Marnier (2016), just to mention a few. 

Today the Group owns over 45% of the global spirits’ brands. The headquarter is still in Italy, in Sesto San Giovanni.

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Campari Group is the sixth largest player in the global branded spirit industry.

Listed on the stock exchange since 2001, in the first quarter of 2019 the Group grossed €370 million, with an organic growth of 9,6% and an adjusted EBT of €63.3 million. Compared to the previous year, the company has witnessed an extraordinary growth. In the first quarter of 2018, the group’s organic growth was 2.2%, sales amounted to €336 million and the adjusted EBT to € 54 million (excluding the capital gain on the divestment of Lemonsoda).

The analysis of the balance sheet data shows an upward trend. In 2017 the corporate’s turnover amounted to 1.8 billion euros, with a strong improvement in terms of solvency and profitability. Compared to the previous year, the Group managed to double its profits (from €166 in 2016 to €356 million in 2017) and to cut down the net debt, reducing the short-term financial debt and increasing cash availability by 45%.

With a BBB rating class, the Group has a solid capital structure and a good economic balance, regardless of its annual performances.
The Group also controls Campari International, a single-member limited liability company with a turnover of 91 million euros.

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