s-peek's magnifier: Perfetti Van Melle, the italian candies' multinational company

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The food industry is the second manufacturing industry in Italy, with exports of approximately 32 billion euros.

Although “Made in Italy” is an envied quality badge abroad and international companies often give Italian-like names to their food brands, forgoing this badge has proven to be a forward-looking marketing strategy for some Italian companies.

For example for Perfetti Van Melle, manufacturer of the first Italian chewing gum brand, “Brooklyn”.

The company, originally named “Perfetti” after the founders’ surname, was founded in 1946 in Lainate and is owner of most of the brands of chewing gum and candies: Alpenliebe, Mentos, Chupa Chups, Frisk, Vivident, Morositas…

In 2001 the company acquired the entire shareholding of the Dutch company Van Melle, producer of Mentos and Fruittella (an Italian-like name for a Dutch product) and founded the group Perfetti Van Melle. In 2006 the group acquired Chupa Chups for 400 million euros.

Today Perfetti Van Melle encompasses 37 operating companies and owns 30 manufacturing facilities worldwide.

MORE Score

Perfetti Van Melle is the third confectionery manufacturer in the world after Cadbury and Wrigley’s.
In 2017 it had a turnover of 463 million euros, with profits amounting to 62 million and an ROI of 6,6%.
Compared to the previous years, the company recorded a decrease in profitability partly due to a reduction in consumption of the confectionery sector, which, however, doesn’t affect the company solvency and liquidity. Despite the slight decrease, the company shows an outstanding economic and financial balance, which has allowed it to confirm the rating class AA.

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