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We strongly believe in transparency and honesty, both inside modefinance and to our customers.
Registration is free. Buying reports is not mandatory to a correct use of s-peek: it's a free user's choice, and not purchasing them does not compromise in any way the correct use of the application, which provides an intuitive but still verified judgment through its "3-colours semaphore" system, an integral part of the MORE methodology.
No user's data within s-peek will be detracted from the legitimate owner, and any company's information provided in s-peek is available in their respective country's public database.

General Terms and Conditions

Upon payment of the amount due as provided in article 4, the user requires modefinance srl to provide the service which consists in the elaboration of reports on economic / financial data of legal persons, in order to understand the economic and financial standing and creditworthiness.
The report types provided with the Service, the costs and technical limitations are described on the www.s-peek.com website.
The offer holds and is irrevocable for 30 days and is sent by the user through the appropriate application for the mobile devices or through online forms and is subject to the approval of modefinance srl - S-PEEK, which can also accept for conclusive facts.
The service does not include elaborations of Legal Entities that have offices outside Europe or who have not published their financial statements in public Institutions.


The use of service is reserved for of full age users who declare to use the Service as a part of their business or profession.
The USER declares that the personal data included in the registration process are accurate that any subsequent change will be communicated promptly.
If the user is acting on behalf of a legal entity, he claims to have received appropriate powers of representation.
To access the service, it is necessary to be authenticated by an identification code (ID) and a reserved access (password).
The User agrees, also on behalf of its employees and contractors not to reveal any login credentials to third parties and to comply with the existing provisions on data protection.
The USER is the only responsible in case of loss, disclosure, misuse of access credentials to the Service and is committed to promptly inform modefinance srl for any unauthorized use of his/her account or any other security violation found.
The parties agree that sending e-mail to the e-mail address stated at the registration to the service is the form of communication accepted by agreement for all communications between the parties.

modefinance srl is not, even partially, responsible for any defect, difficulty, discontinuity or inability of service delivery, resulting from events or circumstances not related to the control of modefinance srl (e.g. network inaccessibility, defects or failure in update of the devices utilized by USER to access the application or the Internet, disruptions in the Internet network, cause of force majeure, unforeseeable circumstances).
The service may be temporarily suspended for maintenance and updating of information systems of modefinance srl, upon notice on the website.
The provision of the service is based on processing its own algorithm of data with information from public records and / or other public sources. Failure to provide the service due to the unavailability of even a fraction of such data implies suspensive condition of the obligation, until their full recovery.

The subject report of the Service is provided in the worldwide license and not exclusive to the User, only for internal use to his business or professional activity.
The User is not allowed to re-sell, re-process, edit, translate and in any case transfer to third parties, for whatever reason, the reports, the information and the data obtained under license through the Service, or to publish the report on the web (websites, blogs, social network).
It is forbidden to use the report to perform financial advisory services in competition with modefinance srl.

The User acknowledges that modefinance srl uses and re-elaborates, by using specific proprietary algorithms, the economic and financial data of public databases on corporate financial statements filed at the National Authorities.
Despite the utmost care and professional diligence, the service is rendered without warranty of accuracy or adequacy, as modefinance srl nor its partners can be held responsible for any errors or omissions regarding the public sources that are the basis of the report.
modefinance srl cannot therefore in be in any way responsible of any eventual errors or delays in updates by the sources from which the report is made.
The USER expressly exempts modefinance srl from any responsibility for any damages that might result from the use of data and the Service, given that the report aims to assist the USER in their economic, commercial and financial decisions leaving the USER himself freedom of operating in full discretion, taking independently all the additional data and necessary information to make their own decisions.
Should the requested report involve the quantification of a potentially sustainable commercial credit limit for the company under analysis, this amount is worked out mathematically by the algorithm of modefinance srl, without human intervention or further investigation. Such indication is intended to assist the USER in their economic, commercial and financial decisions leaving the USER himself freedom of operating in full discretion, taking independently all the additional data and necessary information to make their own decisions.

The Price for the use of the Service is expressed in "credits" in other words in Euros. The Euro value of one credit, any promotions or special conditions are set forth in the purchase page of the application or web site.
The fee of the report is shown in the purchase page, depending on the type of report selected by the application.
Payment can be made with a single in-app purchase in Euro or purchase of a package of prepaid non-refundable credits, which will be automatically scaled depending on the use of the Service.
If the USER purchases a prepaid package, it can only be used for the service within 5 years from the activation. Following the expiry, the remaining credit can be restrained by modefinance srl as consideration of the User account’s technical management.
modefinance srl reserves the right to change the fees, by giving notice on the purchase page and its website.

The USER acknowledges and agrees that the Databases on economic operators, the relevant analyses, systems and data processing algorithms of the analytical procedures, acquisition and output, tables, graphs, commentary elements are the property of modefinance srl.
The texts, the images, the logos in the application or website are owned by modefinance srl or licensed to it.

modefinance srl reserves the right to terminate this contract, deactivate the account or to suspend the service in case of violation by the USER of the obligations laid down in article 2, 4, 5, 6, 7.
The failure to publish the app on the store (for example on Apple Store® and Google Play®) or its suspension or removal for reasons not depending on modefinance srl. constitute rescission of the contract with repayment of the amounts paid and not used.
Deactivation of the account for any reason will delete the USER’s downloaded reports, and the remaining credit sum of the USER will be held by modefinance srl in return for the technical account management and its deactivation.

modefinance srl reserves the right to make changes to this agreement by means of electronic communication. Once the period of 15 days from the date of the communication has expired, the amendments shall be deemed to have been accepted by the USER with effect from the date of communication. Within the abovementioned 15-day time limit, the Client has the right to disable the service concerned through communication via certified email (PEC).

The Parties mutually agree that this agreement applies to the Italian law. Any dispute relating to this contract will be dealt with exclusively by the Court of TRIESTE.

I accept the contract terms.
Pursuant to and in application of article 1341 of the Civil Code, the USER declares to accept the previous clauses.

Last updated 07 June 2017