If you are wondering whether a company:

is going well or bad?
is big or small?
is profitable or not?

What is its credit rating class?
How much credit limit has been assigned?
Can it be a reliable client?

s-peek is the first free-of-charge web and mobile application that easily allows you to understand the economic and financial quality of all corporations in Europe: from Portugal to Russia, from Turkey to Iceland.

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S-Peek Team

The Collaborative Credit Risk Management platform

  • share reports
  • share comments and notes
  • compare graphics and analytics
  • upload e download lists of companies
  • ... and much more
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Credit Rating

for more than 25million companies in Europe

Financial information

  • Credit Limit
  • MORE Rating
  • Company's framework
  • Negativities
  • 3 years of accounts history

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s-peek is available on both mobile and webMobile

Are the ratings of s-peek reliable?

s-peek Credit Scorings are evaluated by modefinance,
the First Fintech Credit Rating Agency officially registered in Europe!

modefinance is registered as a credit rating agency in accordance with Regulation (EC) N. 1060/2009 of the European Parliament
and of the Council of 16 September 2009 (the Credit Rating Agencies Regulation).

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s-peek is a service that can be completely free-of-charge. All available companies credit ratings (25 millions in Europe) are free and ready to use.
The ratings are described in a three-colour-scale: green for healthy companies, yellow for balanced companies and red for vulnerable companies. And if you need more fundamental insights, with just a small fee you will be able to have a FLASH or an Extended12M report.

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