MORE Rating

Our MORE evaluation assesses the level of a given company's financial health, by using their financial statements data.

A rating is an evaluation of the financial and economic activity quality of a company, observing and studying the major risk factors.

Our Multi Objective Rating Evaluation (MORE) assesses the level of a given company's financial health, by using their financial statements data.

MORE methodology is used by modefinance as part of the process of issuance of Credit Ratings in compliance with Regulation (EC) N. 1060/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 September 2009 (the Credit Rating Agencies Regulation).

With effect from July 10th, 2015, modefinance srl is registered as a credit rating agency in accordance with Regulation (EC) N. 1060/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 September 2009 (the Credit Rating Agencies Regulation).

MORE Methodology

The main idea underlying the MORE rating model evaluation is analyzing a series of economic and financial indicators in detail, to assess the fundamentals of the company, and to assign a final rating as accurate as possible. The final rating is evaluated using a variety of innovative numerical methods, integrated with the most modern economic and financial theories, in order to give an assessment of the credit risk that is as consistent and transparent as possible.

The core of the MORE model is a multi-dimensional and multi-objective algorithm that aggregates in a coherent way the various aspects (quantitative, qualitative, economic and financial) of the analyzed company. 

Please note that the measure of creditworthiness included in modefinance's s-peek is not a "credit rating" as defined in accordance with the EU Regulation N. 1060/2009.


FLASH report

The FLASH report is the first paid report available within s-peek, and contains the following information:

  • MORE Credit Limit
    The amount of credit you can expose in one year to this company, with a detailed evaluation of the annual commercial credit allowable.
  • MORE Rating
    The vision of the MORE rating is to observe the economic and financial fundamentals of a company, evaluating every aspect of the business to determine the equilibrium among different characteristics. The main idea of MORE evaluation is that the company must be balanced in each of its aspect: the better the economic and financial equilibrium, the higher the rating assigned.
  • Analysis of the Rating
    A brief analysis of the rating assigned using our color-coded system, based on solvency, profitability and liquidity.
  • Comparison with other companies in the same field
    Access to rating, solvency, liquidity and profitability data, as compared to the previous three years and average values of other companies in the same sector.

FLASH report example


Extended12M report

Within the Extended12M report, you will have everything provided in the previous FLASH report (credit rating, credit limit, comparison with the sector over the last 3 years) and, in addition:

  • Corporate registration information
    This section provides all the contact details of the company, its legal form, its sector, if it is listed or not and its current state.
  • Turnover
    To understand the company's size.
  • Profit/Loss
    To understand the company's profitability.
  • Equity
    A useful piece of information to evaluate a company's solidity.
  • Total assets
    It allows you to know, by comparing with the shareholders’ funds, the company's level of indebtedness.

By choosing the Extended12M report, you have access to the maximum amount of information available, to fully understand a company's health.

Extended12M report example


Credit Limit

We calculate the company's credit limit, or how much you can expose with it in a year.

We evaluate the annual commercial credit which may be given to the company.

modefinance calculates the company's credit limit based on the following factors:

  • Size.
  • Years in business.
  • Average number of suppliers.
  • Funds dedicated to be paid to suppliers.
  • Liquidity and a comparison with the sector.
  • Ability to repay debts (the MORE rating).

Report as a PDF

All reports are downloadable as PDF, so you can have them whenever you want, wherever you are, even if you are not online!


Mobile app

s-peek is always with you: check any company's information directly through your smartphone or tablet, supporting all the web app data. You can discover more about the mobile app here!

s-peek app is for iOS and Android.



Keep track of the updates regarding the companies that may interest you. Through an easy internal search engine you can choose among 25 million companies and keep an eye on them in your profile.

You can see all the companies you are scanning or the ones you purchased a report of.

For each chosen company you can see:

  • Its rating, through one of the three-colours s-peek symbol, expression of the MORE Rating.
  • The type of report you purchased (FLASH or Extended12M).
  • Some company's registration information.
  • Each company's detail page link.
  • A link to your personal experience with each company.
  • A list of the latest user interactions with that company, by clicking on the "view the next 10 interactions" you can scroll through the latest interactions history.

All European companies

Our database covers all the major companies within the EU. Here you have an indication that easily allows you to understand if the experience with that company was positive or not.

s-peek tracks your experience with any company (both as a supplier or a client) in order to give all users more certainty regarding the companies they have business with.



s-peek analyzes any official and public negativity of the companies.


Financial statements

s-peek gives you the most important financial statements data of the last three years for any European company, more than 25 million.