s-peek Team

The Collaborative Credit Risk Management platform

S-Peek Team

Everyday at work we deal with competitors, suppliers and clients.

At the office we work together with colleagues from other departments and partners from different sectors, exchanging messages, data, analysis, reports and comments.
And most of us do these tasks using a dedicated collaborative software.

What if we could also manage and share financial and Rating information about the companies that we are interested in, within a chosen Team, inside an integrated platform?

s-peek Team is the evolution of s-peek

The platform that allows you to access the financial information of all European companies for an easy and immediate understanding, and gives the user a trustworthy Rating, a credit limit and an assessment of the company’s credit risk. All this is now collaborative.

Within a selected number of users belonging to the same workgroup, called Team, you can privately share company ratings, notes, and comments, and graphically display all the most interesting financial data, for an immediate comparison and and effective evaluation.

Everything accessible even if your are on a business trip, out of office, on your computer and your smartphone.

s-peek Team: work easier, work better, share

S-Peek Team

S-peek Personal vs S-peek Team

S-peek Personal

  • More than 25 million companies in Europe
  • 3 levels of detail for any company
  • FREE Rating (on a 3-level-basis: green, yellow, red)
  • FLASH report (3 years of credit rating, credit limit, company’s framework, negativities, financial industry analysis and sector comparison)
  • Extended12M report (everything you get on the FLASH report plus 3 years of accounts history, company registration information, key financial statements data, and a FREE 12-months monitoring)
  • Mobile app for iOS and Android, to access the information you need even out of office
  • Possibility to download the reports as PDFs

S-peek Team

  • Everything you get with s-peek Personal
  • Share company reports with your Team
  • Share notes, discussions and comments with your Team members, and analyze deeper the companies you are interested in
  • Credit Risk Analytics: graphical analysis of the key economic and financial fundamentals of any company in your portfolio
  • Share and organize the total credits within your Team
  • Possibility to identify companies with your own internal code (CRM, SAP, Oracle, etc)
  • Possibility to upload your companies lists
  • Possibility to download any company’s detailed information in a CSV file
  • 12-months monitoring automatic update (just for the Extended12M reports)

S-peek Team pricing

5€ (VAT excluded) per member per month

50€ (VAT excluded) per member per year (billed annually)